Usually whenever you are planning to go out for a vacation you need to prepare adequately for your journey. Winters are the times of the year that people face a lot of challenges, starting from the cold weather to travelling difficulties.

So whenever you are planning to have a Christmas vacation away from home, you need to adequately prepare yourself and your vehicle for the worst weather condition and how you are going to overcome them.
The rental24h car rental provides vehicles with the specialist winter tires and snow chains.
Below is a compiled roundup of useful tips to help families and individuals have a safe and sound road trip to their intended destination.

1. Prepare your tires ready for the conditions

The tires are the connection point between the vehicle and the ground so they have to be in extremely good condition in case the travelers want to minimize disturbances.
Whenever you are travelling to place with fair or less amount of snow along the roads then you have to consider buying special tires designed for such conditions otherwise your vehicle will keep sliding along the road and may even cause an accident.
Additionally you can also bring along snow chains if at all you are travelling to more snowy areas.

2. Check fluid levels before travelling.

The cold temperatures in snowy places are quite a challenge to your vehicle as the water may freeze and the oil may not function properly in the manner they do in warm temperatures.

So in order to escape such journey troubles, it may do you well to make sure that the antifreeze is sufficiently topped up .

3. Research your routes before your trip

During winter many roads in the mountainous places are prone to either closure or restriction to slow speeds.
So for those families or individuals travelling to celebrate Chrismas, it would be a whole lot safer to research the roads you will use before your journey to have knowledge of their conditions.

4. Pack essential equipment for releasing your vehicle from the snow

Travelling in the snow can be a very tricky job if you are not prepared for it. Trying to remove a car stuck in the snow without the help of a shovel can really a hazardous task.
Carrying with you equipment like shovel and grit can help you anytime you are stuck in ice.

5. Service your vehicle before you travel

Travelling through is a really troublesome task for parts of a vehicle. In order to escape troubles, ensure the vehicle is serviced to correct any potential problem that may cause a nuisance during the winter road trip.

6. Pack an emergency first aid kit

No one wishes to think that in the trip they are bound to embark on they may end up having an accident. But for safety you should carry along a basic first aid kit equipment, emergency blankets and some packed food.
To conclude I will inform all those travelers intending to spend a winter vacation out then preparation that is adequate and extensive is necessary to prevent stressful interruptions that may ruin your vacation.

Camping is an exciting way to spend your weekend out from home. Rental24h. come is a firm that makes sure your journey is to your intended destination a smooth and most successful trip. It provides young travelers with the kinds of cars they exactly want in that trip.

Below is a roundup of the different types of cars that are of importance to you young people intending to have a getaway excursion.

1. 2017 GMC Acadia

2017 GMC Acadia is tough car with a powerful and strong engine to ensure that the journey you embark on is faced with little difficulties. It’s toughness is experienced by the storage space it offers. Using this 4WD car offered by the you can squeeze passengers seats up to seven leaving all passengers with enough seating space and headroom.

The storage space can also be used to pack tents and other camping equipment necessary to the vacation.

2. Subaru Forester

The luxury and enough space that ensures extreme comfort in Subaru Forester makes this brand provided by the an all around favorite to most folks.
It’s high tolerance for rough roads and potholes makes it an added advantage and more reason to use this brand.

3. Ford expeditions

Ford expedition has since time immemorial been referred to as the ‘oxen of cars’. It embodies a superior strength that enables it to tow up to 6000 pounds and still move at a considerable speed.
In addition to that Ford expedition has a huge trunk that provide room for stacking camping equipment. The more reason why most young folks love this particular car provided by rental come is that it has enough passenger space enough for upto eight people.

4. Toyota Sienna

Do you need a car to carry a big crew to celebrate to some place? Toyota Sienna is a 4WD minivan that has a lot of space to carry along passengers and camping gear at the same time
To sum up to that Toyota Sienna has a great interior room and a higher roof that allows for more headroom
Of all vehicles provided by the Toyota Sienn is the best choice for people with large families for want to have a getaway excursion.

5. Subaru XV Crosstrex 2.0 limited

Subaru XV Crosstrex is a unique brand of car with an excellent mileage hence making it a fuel efficient car.
So those young travelers who intend to go out for a weekend getaway with only a few stuff and a small compact 4WD car, Subaru XV Crosstrex is the best choice among all brands provided by rental24h.comIn conclusion, young folks have a variety of different 4WD cars to choose from whenever they want to spend a getaway excursion. All you need to do is to make a choice visit the and rent a car of your choice. That vehicle will make your vacation thrilling and adventurous


Do you want to make a splash during your next vacation? Take the step and rent an exotic vehicle then discover a new driving pleasure. OR, in case you are traveling with your family and need more space, try avr rental car instead.

Whether you intend spending your vacation in the province, on the seaside or in town, treat yourself to an exquisite getaway at the wheel of a sports model such as the Maserati Ghibli or the Jaguar F-TYPE
Cabriolet. Do you want more space? Try the Range Rover VELAR. Here is a list of 6 exotic vehicles you might want to rent.

List of 6 exotic cars


1. Porsche 911 S Cabriolet

The model that has fascinated for generations, the Porsche 911 S cabriolet remains a sports car as breath-taking as the first day. The 2×2-seater architecture gives birth to a racy sports car certainly compact, but offering a beautiful feeling of space.

And last but not least: the compact engine, whose rear position provides a high level of traction, giving the 911 it is unique driving characteristics.


2. Porsche Panamera Sports Turismo Hybrid


Its unique characteristic: sporty, practical every day and unique. A sports car that implements everything you need to move forward.
It’s the first production vehicle in Porsche’s history with a generous and flexible concept of spaciousness. In this, the Panamera Sports Turismo is part of the evolution of the Panamera range while asserting its independence.


3. Mercedes-Benz S-Class S500 Rechargeable Hybrid


The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, one of the most luxurious sedans in the world exude refined charm and sporty elegance.
Powered by a 3-litre V-6 twin-turbo engine delivering 328 horsepower, combined with a 114 hp electric motor, the power and dynamism of this discreet sedan offer you an unforgettable driving experience. Its elegant interior, incredibly quiet and comfortable, will give you a sense of peace.

4. Range Rover Velar


The Range Rover Velar design is revolutionary. Elegant sidewalls, flush deployable door handles and integrated rear spoiler enhance aerodynamic efficiency. The interior of the Range Rover Velar is a real haven of peace. Wind and road noise is minimized through the use of aerodynamic underbody plates and laminated anti-noise glazing, providing you with the ultimate in comfort.


5. Range Rover Hybrid


This is the quietest Range Rover ever designed: in a 100% electric mode the engine produces no sound. In addition, the passage between the gasoline engine and the electric motor is extremely smooth, for a more luxurious and serene drive.


6. Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible


Flowing lines, carved contours, pronounced rear profile. The charisma of the F-TYPE does not leave any doubt: you are in the presence of a high-performance sports car.

This model offers supreme comfort and a luxurious interior made to satisfy all the driver’s expectations. Sports seats in grained leather and suede, centre console Knurled finish Aluminium … It envelops you
and elevates your driving experience to higher heights.


Having presented these six exotic cars, we hope that you will be able to make wise and objective a choice that will match your taste and needs. providing you with the ultimate comfort.